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Members of the ‘Selkies’ took the plunge last month, with Andrew Hutton grabbing a camera to film the adventure in Calders Geo.The whopping sea cave measures 60 foot tall with a floor area over 5,600 squared metres.Andrew said fellow swimmer Ryan Leith is a big influence on where the group goes.He knows the seas around Shetland well and his knowledge on where’s safe to swim is invaluable,” Andrew said.“He had been to Calders Geo previously and suggested it for a group swim, so we decided to go for it. The group initially attempted the swim a few days earlier, but the swell was too great to make it safe, so it was decided to delay it.

“Swimming the in sea for me is no longer as daunting as it was when I first started, it’s just the feeling of excitement!“I would say that being in right at the back of the cave in the dark did give me a slightly uneasy feeling, but I stuck close to Ryan and his high powered light.”When first entering the cave Andrew said the sheer size was overwhelming.“The water is beautifully clear also, almost tropical in colour,” he said.

“It’s amazing to think with the amount of people that go to Eshaness every year don’t realise what’s right underneath their feet, that’s me included.“We have over 200 members on the Selkies Facebook page, but we have around 20 regular swimmers.” Over the two years the group has existed, we have done some great swims and made some great friendships out of our unique hobby.“For me outdoor swimming just gives a sense of adventure and freed you don’t often get with other sports or hobbies.

” Being able to say you’ve swum in Britain’s biggest sea cave is something only a handful of others can say, that’s what makes this so special.”


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